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Aubrey A. Extensions

Raw Vietnamese Curly

Raw Vietnamese Curly

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Please keep in mind that you are purchasing hair extensions for pre order. This means that you are ordering the hair with the understanding that it is not available on hand and will take 5-10 business days to arrive to you.


Our Raw Vietnamese hair is full from top to bottom, achieve any style desired with these hair extensions. 


Our Raw Vietnamese hair is a perfect blend for African American textured hair due to it being more coarse than other hair extensions. Each bundle is unique; think of them like sisters, not twins. Texture can vary from a loose wave to a tighter wave.

Color can vary from dark brown to black. We offer the service of having your bundles dyed jet black, click this link to add this service to your cart:


All hair from Aubrey A. Extensions comes co-washed so you don't have to. Be sure to treat your raw hair extensions like your real hair. Avoid heavy products as they will weigh the hair down, wash and condition in between styles,  air dry bundles when possible, etc. 

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